Drink From My Wrist (feat. Black Magik The Infidel)

from by Swing Dee Diablo

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Drink From my wrist
And you'll live forever
We be the undead we control the weather
We sleep in coffins deep in a cellar
I be a fortune teller
You'll live forever-if u...
Drink From my wrist
You'll live forever
We be the undead we control the weather
We sleep in coffins deep in a cellar
I be a fortune teller
You'll live forever

Every full moon me and my crew
Go to the woods and do voodoo
Cook up a spell or two
And make yo nightmares come true
Now see my fangs in 3-D
As I sink them into thee
So I can live for eternity
You wouldn't believe how much I've seen
So bitch get down with this
And seal it with a sloppy kiss
On my fucking phallus
And get every drop of this
Cause I'm the wizard the warlock
Out here acting vampire as fuck
Drinking blood and chilling in the graveyard
And robbing the plasma center nigga
Roll over Beethoven
Got them screaming like Jay Hawkins
Like Count Dracula, I sleep in a coffin
Live in a castle covet the darkness
My soulless Soul black and heartless
On these deadly streets, I'm haunting
As I drain my prey
Before the first light of morning

Drink from my wrist
I swear it's like the fountain of youth
Now your forever Undead
So let them shoot
I'm the Dark One
Responsible for the Rockefellers
When it comes to your soul
We the buyers and the sellers
I'll let yall niggas go to church to pray
I'll simply Prey on you
When I'm dead
There'll be no one left
To put blame onto
Put my fangs inside ya neck
While you jumping out your Honda
Kidnap a suburban White Milf
When she's jumping out the sauna
If I share my blood with her
I can bring her back to life
Bring her back to my castle
And Share her ass with my sexy wife
The Lady in The red dress Venetta McGee
I married her sexy ass way back in 1873
If rappers think that they too good
To fucking speak
Then come fuck with me
They'll find you
Dead on your tour bus like Lil' Peep
Let's get it started Nigga
This ain't the end it's just the beginning
I'm tired last night I was out
All night sinning
I'm trying to get high
Mixing lean with AB-Negative
One drop of my blood
Could be used as a sedative
When I rhyme it's like
Blacula has spoken
Now the truce is broken
A coffin is what I woke up in


from The Darkest of the Dark, released May 4, 2018


all rights reserved



The Brimstone Lab Pontiac, Michigan

The Brimstone Lab, also known as "The Brimstone Lab Collective", is an American independent record label based in Pontiac, Michigan that specializes in weird,dark hip hop music. The label was founded in 1999 by Snake Eyes Da Great and Jason Phalen. Since 2001,The label is fully owned and operated by Snake Eyes Da Great.

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