Skin Mask (feat. Bad Mind)

from by Swing Dee Diablo

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Yeah I know it ain't Halloween
But tonight I'm rocking this skin Mask
You ain't worthy to see my face
But they gonna find ya head in a trash can
Last as long as u can
But now you're trapped in the darkness
I am here to only hunt and kill
I'm soulless and heartless, Yeah

If you try to escape I promise
There's nothing to gain
Hells the fire on the candlestick
And I'm the one who started that flame
I'm the one who controls the cage
And you'll never escape to see the light of day
Kill you then burn up this bible page
You'll die today
Yeah right now you stuck
All up in my house
Deep in the fucking basement
And you can't get out
Down here it smells like chitlins
And rancid pussy
It was easy for me to snap
You should have never pushed me
And you probably already know
How this gonna end
When I'm done with u
I'll probably kill then kill again
And when I get bored with you
You know how I get
They'll find your skinless body
Somewhere in the woods of
Oakland Township
Yo I'm an Afro-American psycho nigga
I'm gonna cut the fat like lipo nigga
Kidnap ya ass from outside Mcdonalds
I was the last one to hang out with
So you better shut your mouth
Before I cut off your face
Then sit down and read this book
Written by Anton Lavey

How many people
How many places
To make all of these faces
Practiced in evil
My actions are graceless
My feelings are shameless
Sometimes I think I’m the devil himself as I’m losing my soul
Worst of it all during these acts of sin I am still in control
Power you lack as I devour all in the way of this killing spree
Cowards won’t act I won’t stop until they can finally murder me
Roam in disguise by a mask covered in flesh
The fresher the better I’m surrounded by the stench of death
Searching for another to sever
Stalker in the night I strike to leave you breathless
Wherever your remains are found you will be discovered headless
Pair you with your new friends
You are not alone
Sewn together forever and piled with the bones
Bound by flesh, freed by blood
A new level of hate and love
Society shall watch in disgust
As another is exhumed from the mud


from The Darkest of the Dark, released May 4, 2018


all rights reserved



The Brimstone Lab Pontiac, Michigan

The Brimstone Lab, also known as "The Brimstone Lab Collective", is an American independent record label based in Pontiac, Michigan that specializes in weird,dark hip hop music. The label was founded in 1999 by Snake Eyes Da Great and Jason Phalen. Since 2001,The label is fully owned and operated by Snake Eyes Da Great.
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