The Darkest of the Dark

by Swing Dee Diablo

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Swing Dee Diablo - The Darkest of the Dark
Produced Entirely by
Bad Mind for Bank Hard Beats.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by
Michael "Tre L.B." Locks at DivAudi Studios (Troy, Mi)
and Metro 37 Recording Studios (Rochester Hills, Mi)
*except for "Dead Hookers On Baldwin Rd."
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by
Ronzell "Young Zell" Jackson at One Way Studios (Pontiac, Mi)

and "Dinosaur Hill"
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Duece at DivAudi Studios (Troy, Mi)

Additional Editing and Mastering by Snake Eyes Da Great at The Brimstone Lab Lair (Lake Orion, Mi)
Cover ArtWork: Dark Days Designs
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Release Date: 5/04/2018
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Executive Producer: Snake Eyes Da Great for The Brimstone Lab Collective.
Snake Eyes Da Great

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released May 4, 2018

Swing Dee Diablo and Bad Mind
Executive Producer: Snake Eyes Da Great for The Brimstone Lab Collective.


all rights reserved



The Brimstone Lab Pontiac, Michigan

The Brimstone Lab, also known as "The Brimstone Lab Collective", is an American independent record label based in Pontiac, Michigan that specializes in weird,dark hip hop music. The label was founded in 1999 by Snake Eyes Da Great and Jason Phalen. Since 2001,The label is fully owned and operated by Snake Eyes Da Great.
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Track Name: Skin Mask (feat. Bad Mind)
Yeah I know it ain't Halloween
But tonight I'm rocking this skin Mask
You ain't worthy to see my face
But they gonna find ya head in a trash can
Last as long as u can
But now you're trapped in the darkness
I am here to only hunt and kill
I'm soulless and heartless, Yeah

If you try to escape I promise
There's nothing to gain
Hells the fire on the candlestick
And I'm the one who started that flame
I'm the one who controls the cage
And you'll never escape to see the light of day
Kill you then burn up this bible page
You'll die today
Yeah right now you stuck
All up in my house
Deep in the fucking basement
And you can't get out
Down here it smells like chitlins
And rancid pussy
It was easy for me to snap
You should have never pushed me
And you probably already know
How this gonna end
When I'm done with u
I'll probably kill then kill again
And when I get bored with you
You know how I get
They'll find your skinless body
Somewhere in the woods of
Oakland Township
Yo I'm an Afro-American psycho nigga
I'm gonna cut the fat like lipo nigga
Kidnap ya ass from outside Mcdonalds
I was the last one to hang out with
So you better shut your mouth
Before I cut off your face
Then sit down and read this book
Written by Anton Lavey

How many people
How many places
To make all of these faces
Practiced in evil
My actions are graceless
My feelings are shameless
Sometimes I think I’m the devil himself as I’m losing my soul
Worst of it all during these acts of sin I am still in control
Power you lack as I devour all in the way of this killing spree
Cowards won’t act I won’t stop until they can finally murder me
Roam in disguise by a mask covered in flesh
The fresher the better I’m surrounded by the stench of death
Searching for another to sever
Stalker in the night I strike to leave you breathless
Wherever your remains are found you will be discovered headless
Pair you with your new friends
You are not alone
Sewn together forever and piled with the bones
Bound by flesh, freed by blood
A new level of hate and love
Society shall watch in disgust
As another is exhumed from the mud
Track Name: Drink From My Wrist (feat. Black Magik The Infidel)
Drink From my wrist
And you'll live forever
We be the undead we control the weather
We sleep in coffins deep in a cellar
I be a fortune teller
You'll live forever-if u...
Drink From my wrist
You'll live forever
We be the undead we control the weather
We sleep in coffins deep in a cellar
I be a fortune teller
You'll live forever

Every full moon me and my crew
Go to the woods and do voodoo
Cook up a spell or two
And make yo nightmares come true
Now see my fangs in 3-D
As I sink them into thee
So I can live for eternity
You wouldn't believe how much I've seen
So bitch get down with this
And seal it with a sloppy kiss
On my fucking phallus
And get every drop of this
Cause I'm the wizard the warlock
Out here acting vampire as fuck
Drinking blood and chilling in the graveyard
And robbing the plasma center nigga
Roll over Beethoven
Got them screaming like Jay Hawkins
Like Count Dracula, I sleep in a coffin
Live in a castle covet the darkness
My soulless Soul black and heartless
On these deadly streets, I'm haunting
As I drain my prey
Before the first light of morning

Drink from my wrist
I swear it's like the fountain of youth
Now your forever Undead
So let them shoot
I'm the Dark One
Responsible for the Rockefellers
When it comes to your soul
We the buyers and the sellers
I'll let yall niggas go to church to pray
I'll simply Prey on you
When I'm dead
There'll be no one left
To put blame onto
Put my fangs inside ya neck
While you jumping out your Honda
Kidnap a suburban White Milf
When she's jumping out the sauna
If I share my blood with her
I can bring her back to life
Bring her back to my castle
And Share her ass with my sexy wife
The Lady in The red dress Venetta McGee
I married her sexy ass way back in 1873
If rappers think that they too good
To fucking speak
Then come fuck with me
They'll find you
Dead on your tour bus like Lil' Peep
Let's get it started Nigga
This ain't the end it's just the beginning
I'm tired last night I was out
All night sinning
I'm trying to get high
Mixing lean with AB-Negative
One drop of my blood
Could be used as a sedative
When I rhyme it's like
Blacula has spoken
Now the truce is broken
A coffin is what I woke up in
Track Name: Dead Hookers On Baldwin Road (feat. Black Magik The Infidel)
You found her body but I took her soul
Now there's Dead Hookers on Baldwin Road
I took my money back then I stole all her gold
Now there's Dead Hookers on Baldwin Road
Look, She flirted with me when I saw Her at the bar
I buried her near here, Her body it ain't Far
Too many to keep them all, Bodies by the boatload
Now there's Dead Hookers off Baldwin Road

She was pretty in her teens
You can see it in her face
I've seen her before
This Jezebel lived in Perry Place
As I look in her Dead Eyes I can see the sin
I can see all the dirty thoughts that lie within
I paid $15 for some head in the bathroom of Skinny's
But I wasn't the only one and that started the envy
I became jealous cause she was giving everybody head
I got Envy in my heart so I wanna see her dead
This Hooker she gotta die I'm the nigga to kill her
Inject her with Heroin then I'm gonna frame her dealer
Im'a call the cops Fuck it
They'll never find me
Im'a talk about my crimes all throughout when I'm rhyming
I'm cocky with the Evil I be killing these hoes
Sometimes I cut off a finger Sometimes it's a toe
Keep ya hand on your knife and never trust those u meet
Or u might end up dead laying there by Cadillac Street

It's so cut throat in this streets
Every nigga is on his knuckles
And every bitch is on her knees
And for a fee, you can take her and do what you please
But first, you gotta pay me the Y-A-C-P-I-M-P
Chilling right in the middle of hell
In a roach motel on Baldwin and Rundell
Where I got em smoke out walking around with they Soul for sale
On the northy north where niggas kill for sport
And the bitches are always at work
They be tricking to support they habit
Then they run the money back to yo boy Black Magik
But here's where it gets tragic
I got the whole city in a panic
Cause there's one less hoe on the stroll
One less hoe out there on back page sucking and fucking for dough
Yo cause she's at the morgue like Jane with a tag on her toe
Cause some psycho like me slit her throat
Last week it was Lisa this week it's Valerie
Shit every week there's another dead bitch in the alley

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